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OXUS Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Product No: RS-00410

Oxus Portable Oxygen System

The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the new lightweight portable oxygen machine  by EVO Medical. The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is intended to provide supplemental oxygen in a home, institutional or travel environment.

This oxygen machine is lightweight, weighing less than 10lbs. Will deliver up to 850 ml/min, even as breath rates climb to 30+ BPM. Has a rugged design built for travel and operates upright or laying flat.

The Oxus will last 3 hours on a setting of 2. This oxygen concentrator can be powered by its internal battery or external AC or DC Power supply.  The Oxus has an EXCLUSIVE rotary compressor is high efficiency, quiet and designed to last.

The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is FAA Approved for all major airlines.

Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator Includes:

- Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator
- One (1) Rechargeable Battery
- AC Power Supply
- DC Power Supply
- Custom Carrying Case
- Shoulder Strap
- Handle Strap
- Traveling Cart
- Tubing
- Filters
- Manual


 3 Hour Battery Life
 Under 10lbs
 Produces Up To A Setting Of 5 On A Pulse Flow
 FAA Approved
 Charges Batteries While In Use On Both AC And DC Power Supply
 3 Year Warranty 
 Quiet, Reliable, And Durable


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OXUS Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Product Number: RS-00410
MSRP: $4,995.00 Price ( ): $2,995.00
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